EasyPublish is an another excellent solution provided by Portu. It is an online conversion solution that helps the user in converting their PDF documents into digital content.

Upload your PDF documents into EasyPublish and our tool will do the rest for you. Be prepared to get stunned to witness one of the most attractive, responsive and shareable digital versions of your original PDF publication.

Apart from converting the already created PDF file, the customer can also create a digital publication directly from the scratch using the predefined themes and layouts. Just upload the contents into the selected layout and get the final digital content done in no time with at most ease.

What is the need for digitization of your PDF:

Right, this is the most frequently asked question when it comes to digital conversion. The answer is very simple, digitization enhances your PDF publication with advantages like:

  • Eye-catching appearance with attractive designs, layouts and colorful contents, on the whole it’s a visual treat to the readers.
  • Readability¬†is at its best when it is easy to navigate through the pages and that is what we provide in EasyPublish.
  • Responsive with all the devices – the digital format of your PDF is highly responsive and can be easily accessed from all the devices like computer, smartphone and tablet PC.
  • Sharing your publication is no more a pain. With the digital mode of your PDF, you can host it online and share the link through any medium. No need to upload your massive size PDF anymore to share it. Just share or post the URL that links to your digital publication, as simple as that. This helps in circulating your publication in the social media and to reach as many readers as possible through online marketing.
  • Customizing the digital version of your publication is much easier than PDF format. The flexibility and versatility of the digital technology gives you more options when it comes to customization. You can modify, add or delete contents with ease, update images / text contents in no time and can maintain your publication up-to-date.

If you are looking for the best solution to digitize your publications, we are the right company for you. We offer the most reliable digitization services in the market with all the latest features to make your digital magazine the best among your competitors.

Our three various modules of digitization.

We convert PDF documents into digital publications
Semi-auto conversion for repetitive publications
Manual conversion for one-off needs

Customer can create their own custom defined digital magazine from the scratch using our tool.

Customer can showcase their magazine through our online library to reach new  readers. The embedded code can also be made use of to get more visibility to your product.

To get the best services and assistance from Portu, please contact us.